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Manaslu Circuit is located in Western Nepal and the circuit was open for trekking only in 1991. The Japanese mountain is the cleanest mountain in Nepal and highest in the Manaslu range. The area is Extremely dangerous and abandoned and the trekking is restricted to many people even now. The trek is spectacular and culturally fascinating. Lots of people residing in this range especially in the places of upper Budhi gandakiĀ  river valley area of people living in Tibetan origin residence. A place in this valley called Nupri (meaning Western Mountain in Tibetans and Nepalese residing in this area).

Trekking to a place like Manaslu region is a complete adventure trekking in Nepal. The package includes Himalaya and mountain range. With variety in vegetation and ecology the place offers you with Monasteries and hot water pond and beautiful mountain sight.

We are open for group discount and flat rate discussion: We provide you all with adventure trekking in Nepal to Manaslu range. And we have experiences trekking guides and porters so that you enjoy your trekking in Nepal at its maximum level. The trekking in places which are abandoned should be carried outĀ  in good supervision so we are available with every necessary manpower from Doctors to Helicopters in case of any miss happening but in other hand we also assure you that we make every possible effort to make you return your homes safe and with lots of photographs to look at and lots of memories to remember from Nepal. The rate can differ a little in accordance to group size and Number of days. But the Manaslu trekking we offer will always be cheapest when compared to our competitors and still we are ahead in Providing the best services to you.